Percutaneous ventricular restoration therapy

Percutaneous ventricular restoration therapy This is a new form of device therapy for heart failure. The device used is Parachute implant® ( Parachute implant is an umbrella shaped device that is inserted into the left ventricle. Pathophysiological basis of use: –          In post MI patients there is progressive LV remodelling (progressive dilatation of the   […]

Renal artery denervation in post-stenting patients

RENAL ARTERY DENERVATION FOR HYPERTENSION REFRACTORY TO STENTING A new study published in Journal of endovascular therapy (2014;21:181–190) has evaluated the efficacy of renal denervation therapy for hypertension refractory to renal artery stenting. The study included ten patients (6 women; mean age 70.0±5.1 years) with an office systolic blood pressure >160 mmHg despite taking ≥3 […]

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