Eggshell calcification of the heart in constrictive pericarditis

Rajesh Vijayvergiya, Ramalingam Vadivelu, Sachin Mahajan, Sandeep S Rana, Manphool Singhal

World J Cardiol 2015 September 26; 7(9): 579-582

43/M presented with dyspnoea on exertion NYHA class III since 6 months. No other positive history.

On Examination:

HR-100/min  BP- 100/64   JVP- elevated, 18 cm; prominent X and Y descent

CVS: S1 S2 normal, Pericardial knock +

CXR : Calcified pericardium seen. See image

Echo: Thick, calcified pericardium.   > 25%  respiratory variation of mitral inflow velocities . Significant LV diastolic dysfunction









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