Eggshell calcification of the heart in constrictive pericarditis

 Eggshell calcification of the heart in constrictive pericarditis Rajesh Vijayvergiya, Ramalingam Vadivelu, Sachin Mahajan, Sandeep S Rana, Manphool Singhal World J Cardiol 2015 September 26; 7(9): 579-582 43/M presented with dyspnoea on exertion NYHA class III since 6 months. No other positive history. On Examination: HR-100/min  BP- 100/64   JVP- elevated, 18 cm; prominent X and […]

Interesting image- Post BT shunt seroma- a rare complication

Indian Heart J. 2014 Mar-Apr;66(2):227-30. Post Blalock-Taussig shunt mediastinal mass – a single shadow with two different destinies Rohit MK1, Vadivelu R2, Khandelwal N3, Krishna S3. One of the rare complications following BT shunt surgery is seroma formation. It usually is benign and  x ray chest will reveal a mediatinal mass (left upper). CT scan […]

When to intervene in patients with bicuspid aortic valve and dilated aortic root or ascending aorta

Circulation – December 4, 2015 Surgery for Aortic Dilatation in Patients with Bicuspid Aortic Valves:  A Statement of Clarification from the American College of Cardiology/ American Heart Association Task Force on Clinical Practice Guidelines Intervention in Patients with BAV and Dilatation of the Aortic Root (Sinuses) or Ascending Aorta: Operative intervention to repair or replace […]

New Drug : Andexanet Alfa- Reversal agent for Factor X a inhibitors

NEJM- Nov 2015 – ANNEXA-A and ANNEXA-R ClinicalTrials As of now the major limiting factor with the use of novel anticoagulants is the absence of  reversal agents in case of bleeding complications. To find a solution to this problem, a new drug has been recently tested in ANNEXA-A and ANNEXA-R trials. Andexanet alfa, a new drug designed […]

Approach to the management of Venous thromboembolism

Step 1 :Confirm PTE or DVT diagnosis Step 2: Look for contraindications for full dose anticoagulation. If contraindications exist then insert IVC filter. Step 3 : If no contraindication then look for impending venous gangrene (in case of DVT) or cardiopulmonary collapse (cardiogenic shock/ RV dysfunction in case of PTE). If yes then start thrombolysis Thrombolysis […]

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