One MCQ a day – 12.04.2015

Answer to the question on 11.04.2015 Answer : D localizing the AP 1. Left free-wall APs are associated with positive delta waves in lead V1 and negative delta waves in leads I and aVL 2. The ECG in a patient with a manifest right-sided AP shows a negative delta wave in lead V1 and positive delta waves in […]

One MCQ a day – 11.04.2015

Answer to the question on 10.04.2015 Answer: B Accessory pathways are anomalous bypass tracts composed of working myocardial cells. Most APs insert along the mitral or tricuspid valve and are referred to as AV accessory pathways. Approximately 60% of APs insert along the mitral valve and are referred to as left free-wall pathways. About 25% insert along the septal aspect of […]

One MCQ a day – 10.04.2015

One Cardiology MCQ a day I will  post one MCQ on cardiology per day and next day I will submit the answer. So lets test our knowledge on cardiology. Q.  Which of the following statements about location of accessory pathways (AP) is correct? A.  10% of APs  are left free-wall pathways, 80% are septal and […]

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