Approach to Dyspnea

History taking in Cardiology Contd…. Continuing our discussion on history taking in cardiology today we will form an approach to dyspnoea. What is Dyspnea? A consensus statement of the American Thoracic Society defined dyspnea in the following way1: “Dyspnea is a term used to characterize a subjective experience of breathing discomfort that is comprised of […]

History taking in Cardiology

History taking in any branch of medicine is the single most important exercise. Most clinical books open with the idea of history taking. In the initial part of medical training students sometimes fail to understand the importance of history taking. But as we go higher in our training we understand the importance of history gradually. […]

Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease in Women This topic will cover important and unique issues related to cardiovascular diseases in women. I will simplify it as much as I can. The problem of women’s heart is complex. Feed-backs or follow-up comments are welcome. Is Heart disease really important for females? The answer is YES ABSOLUTELY. Diseases of the […]

A Hole In The Heart

Hole in the heart – Common cardiac problems in children Many a times parenrs are told that the kid has a hole in the heart. What does a hole in the heart mean? Parents have many doubts and apprehensions about what actually that hole in the heart mean. Sometimes this term is used as a […]

Heart Problems In Children

 Heart problems in children are more varied and complex than in adults as they suffer from a group of diseases called congenital heart diseases (Cardiac defects present since birth) as well as from many diseases seen in adults. Children with congenital heart disease pose a significant health problem. The severity of congenital heart disease range […]


What is palpitations?  Why it’s important? Palpitation is the abnormal awareness of one’s own heartbeat. Normally you are not aware of your heart beat, the heart just goes on beating in the background sustains our lives. When you become aware of your heart beats its palpitation. Of course you can always feel the heart beats […]

Chest Pain

CHEST PAIN to HEART ATTACK not too far  Its alarming to have a chest pain. It bothers us too often, that we sometimes tend to ignore it. So today I decided to tell a few things in brief about chest pain that everybody should know. This post is intended for general health information and not for […]


Diabetes and heart disease are closely related. Before discussing the heart problems in diabetes we will see what is diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is basically persistent elevation of blood sugar level due to inability to produce sufficient insulin or failure to respond appropriately to insulin. International guidelines define diabetes as fasting plasma glucose ≥ 126mg/dL […]

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

In the understanding of any disease one of the most important part is the understanding of risk factors or what are the things that makes us more vulnerable to a particular disease. In relation to heart disease there are some well-defined risk factors. It is important to understand that many new and novel risk factors […]

Welcome to the Heart of Cardiology

Your place for ONLINE CARDIAC CONSULTATION  AND INFORMATION ABOUT HEART DISEASES Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest threats in today’s world and they kill more number of people than other diseases. Cardiovascular problems are preventable and effectively treated when interventions are done early and effectively. The importance of the old saying “Knowledge is Power” can’t be […]

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