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Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest threats in today’s world. They kill more number of people than other diseases. Cardiovascular problems are preventable and effectively treated if interventions are done early and effectively. The importance of the old saying “Knowledge is Power” can’t be more appropriate than when it comes to deciding about one’s own health. This is the age of information and you have every right to be informed correctly about your health issues. The idea behind this site is to provide up-to-date information related to all issues in Cardiovascular Health.

This site provides information related but not limited to the following topics

  1. Risk factors for heart disease and effective control of then
  2. Common symptoms of heart disease and how to identify then early
  3. Heart diseases associated with other medical problems
  4. Heart problems in young children
  5. All information related to Cardiac procedures
  6. A section for medical students about important topics in cardiology

And many more

This site will regularly post topics  under the different categories. So keep reading.

Its all about taking responsibility for your health.

Thank you for reading . Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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